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FRAKO Controlador de Factor de
da más que un
simple controlador de F.P.


FRAKO Reactive Power Control Relays solve complex tasks which extend far beyond the pure power factor control of a pre-selected target cos-phi. The innovative control action copes with all the requirements of modern industrial networks and allows these control relays to be universally employed.

Of special mention is the extreme accuracy and sensitiveness also in networks highly loaded with harmonics as well as the controlled ability to continously or sporadically feed back into networks with intrinsically produced current.

All components of an automatic Power Factor Control System are operated carefully by means of this control relay and are safeguarded against overloading. This leads to considerably longer life expectancy of the power factor correction system.

Reactive Power Control Relay EMR 1100     Description
12 control contacts

Reactive Power Control Relay RM 9606      Description
6 control contacts

Reactive Power Control Relay RM 9612      Description
12 control contacts

Reactive Power Control Recaí RM 9806      Description
6 control contacts

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