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Shark 100

           Industry Leading Multifunction
               Power and Energy Meter

Advanced Features Include:

- Multifunction Electrical Measurement
- RS485 Communication – Modbus Protocol
- New V-Switch® Technology– Upgrade in Field without Removing Installed Meter
- % of Load Bar for Analog Meter Perception
- Designed for Replacement to Existing Analog Meters or New Metering Applications
- Ultra Compact, Easy to Install
- Sleek Industrial Design and Bright Red, 3 Line .56” LED display

Unparalleled Technology

- IrDA Port for PDA Remote Read
- 0.2% Class Revenue Certifiable Energy and Demand Metering
- Meets ANSI C12.20 (0.2%) and IEC 687 (0.2%) Accuracy Classes
- 400+ Samples per Cycle Rate Measurement
- 57.6K Baud RS485
- Fits Both ANSI and DIN Cut-outs
- Power Quality Measurements (%THD and Alarm Limits)


- Utility Energy Billing
- Substations Panels
- Power Generation
- Sub-Metering
- Commercial Metering
- Industrial Metering
- Campus Metering
- Analog Meter Replacement
- Original Equipment Power Metering


Shark Broshure
Shark Generic SpecificationsShark Instruction Manual

Nexus Communicator 2.0:
EN 50160 Flicker Screen
Electro Industries/GaugeTech introduces industry leading metering technology. Designed to address the most demanding applications, the Shark 100 surpasses others providing advanced performance metering in a low cost, compact, panel meter design. Based on an all new platform, this meter significantly outperforms other devices many times its price. This unit is perfect for new metering applications and for a simple replacement to existing analog meters.
The unit utilizes high speed DSP technology with high resolution A/D conversion to provide revenue certifiable accuracy for Utility Billing, Substation Metering, Sub-metering and Critical Metering applications.

- New V-Switch® Technology

The Shark 100 is equipped with EIG’s exclusive V-Switch® Technology. V-Switch®, virtual switch technology allows users, OEMs or Power Utilities to minimize different levels of meters and reduce stocking to one type of hardware. In this manner, the meter can be expanded to meet the specific application even after installation. Using V-Switches, you can purchase what you require now and field upgrade functionality as needed, which allows you to optimize your investment.

Available V-Switches:

- Metering for Critical Customers

V-Switch 1 – Volts and Amps Meter – Default
V-Switch 2 – Volts, Amps, kW, kVAR, PF, kVA, Freq.
V-Switch 3 – Volts, Amps, kW, kVAR, PF, kVA, Freq., kWh, kVAh, kVARh
V-Switch 4 – Volts, Amps, kW, kVAR, PF, kVA, Freq., kWh, kVAh, kVARh, %THD Monitoring and Limit Exceeded Alarms

Accuracy percentage of Voltage L-N, Voltage L-L, and Current is 0.1%. For Watts, Wh, VARs, VARh, VA, Vah, and PF the accuracy is 0.2%. Accuracy for Frequency is 0.01 Hz, %THD is 1%, and for % load bar 1-120% readings.
The Shark 100 is a traceable revenue meter, that contains a utility grade test pulse allowing power providers to verify and confirm that the meter is performing to its rated accuracy.

- Easy to Use and Install

The Shark 100 was engineered to be as easy to use and install as possible. From user interface to mechanical construction, many hours were spent to make the Shark straightforward and intuitive so an installer with minimal meter experience and training can succeed with the product. Shark is programmed using a PDA, a PC Computer or through a simple keypad interface. By using the PC or PDA, a technician or electrician can see a visual phasor diagram of the vectors insuring that CT and Voltage polarities are correct. All inputs are color coordinated and have clear simple to understand labeling to avoid cross wiring mistakes.

- DIN Mounting
- ANSI Mounting
- Bright .56” 3 Line LED displays
- Auto Scroll Feature
- Large Easy to Press Buttons
- Analog Style % of Load Bar. Provides Analog Perception to the Digital Meter
- Intuitive, Simple to Use Interface
- Small Footprint

- Advanced Communication Capability with IrDA Interface

- Two independent communication ports with advanced features are provided by the Shark 100
- One port provides RS485 communication speaking Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol.
- 9600 baud to 57,600 baud
- Optical IrDA port which allows unit to be set up and programmed using PDA or remote laptop   without communication cable
- Point at meter with IrDA-equipped PC or PDA and configure it
- Communicator EXT Copilot is Windows CE software package which allows you to point at a   Shark, configure it and poll readings

- Superior Voltage and Current Inputs

- Ruggedly designed for harsh electrical applications on both high and low voltage power   systems.
- Voltage inputs allow measurement to 416 Volts Line to Neutral and 721 Volts Line to Line, which   ensures proper meter safety when wiring directly to high voltage systems.
- Current inputs use a dual input method: CT Pass Through and Current “Gills”
- CT Pass Through – Preferable to utility users when sharing relay class CTs because the CT   passes directly through the meter without any physical termination on the meter, which ensures   the meter cannot be a point of failure on the CT circuit.
- Current “Gills” – This method provides additional ultra rugged termination pass-through bars,   allowing the CT leads to be terminated on the meter.
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